Dodge Sprinter Transmissions Made by Mercedes

A brief history of the Mercedes 6 Series Transmissions

The Mercedes 6 series Transmissions which are used in the Sprinter vans are
electronically controlled or “shift by wire” 5-speed automatic transmission units which
have been used in Mercedes-Benz’ own passenger and commercial vehicles since
1996, and are also used in Daimler-Chrysler and other manufacturers’ vehicles. Other
designations for these transmissions are NAG1 and 5G-Tronic. Each version carries its
own model number in the form 722.6xx for example the 1999 C230 has a 722.600, the
ML 320 has a 722.662 and so on. The Dodge Sprinter transmission is a 722.681 , and the
2007 up Mercedes Sprinter vans carry the 722.683 transmission.

The first cars to run the 722.6 transmission were the V8-powered Mercedes W124 S-
class models in 1996,and a wider range of cars and the Sprinter vans were introduced to
the new transmission in 1997. These include the C-class, E-class (1997-2003), S-class
and M-class models as well as the Mercedes Sprinter vans, Chrysler 300C, Crossfire and
Jeep Grand Cherokee, as well as Dodge Sprinter and Freightliner Sprinter vans ,and some
Jaguar and Porsche models.

When first introduced, the Mercedes 6 series transmissions were said by Mercedes to
be “sealed for life”, meaning that the fluid and filter did not need to be changed for the
life of the transmission. However, since 2009 it is recommended that the fluid and filter
be changed every 40,000 miles. We at recommend the
fluid and filter be change every 30,000 miles .

It is recommended that genuine Mercedes ATF fluid be used, although there are lower
cost alternatives which are also synthetic fluids made to a suitable formulation for the
722.6 transmission. Users should be aware however that using fluids not recommended
by the manufacturer may void the warranty.